Design a Luxury Throw Pillow Using Your Art or Photos

Pillow Construction

MyPillowPrinter Art and Photo Pillows are made using the finest quality materials. Our pillow construction techniques are designed to make a great looking pillow that is both comfortable and durable. We offer several exclusive features that set our Art and Photo pillows apart from the competition. For quality and value choose


• art and photo pillows are printed on premium quality 100% polyester fabric for superior stain and wear resistance. Why Polyester? Most commercial upholstery fabrics are made of polyester because it has superior wear, stain and flame resistance (natural) and accepts a much wider range of colors than cotton. Most cotton fabrics used in other photo pillows have a chemical coating to hold the printing inks. Our Polyester fabrics are printed with dyes rather than ink and do not require any chemical coatings on the fabric. There's a good chance the sofa or chair that you are putting your pillow on is covered in polyester too. Modern Polyester fabrics transport moisture and look and feel like their cotton counterparts. When you receive your pillow we are sure you will agree that our fabrics provide the best comfort and value in any photo pillow.


Select from 4 fabric types to compliment your taste and decor. Fabric choices for your art and photo pillows? What a great idea and only available at!


A choice of Premium Quality Pillow Inserts. We want your pillow to feel good and last a long time. Other Photo Pillow manufactures ship the cheapest pillow filler (form) available, We know our customers are smart enough to know the difference between a cheap filler and a premium one! Everyone has a different idea of how a pillow should feel. When you choose art and photo pillows you have a choice. Our premium quality fillers are not available in most stores, so take advantage of the great prices and order your pillow with you choice of filler. Read about the filler (pillow forms) choices below. Our most popular filler is Ply-A Fiber.

A exclusive feature!


Color matched cording option to compliment your Art and Photo Pillow design. You won't find it anywhere else because it's another exclusive feature!


Gas dye printing process permeates the fabric for durability and does an amazing job at reproducing images. If you have seen other printed pillows be prepared to be impressed. The pillow fabric printing process uses much of the same color calibration technology used in high-end art reproductions.


• High quality thread for sewing and overlock all components of the pillow before they are assembled.


Close-up photograph showing cording being sewn on to a photo pillow
Photograph of stack of custom printed photo pillow panels in brilliant colors and patterns

Fabric Choices


We offer 4 fabrics that you can mix and match when you create your one of a kind  art and photo pillow designs. All of our fabrics are 100% polyester for durability and stain resistance. Our gas dye printing process penetrates the fabric for great durability and amazing color. Fabric samples are approximately 4 x 5 inches and have overlocked edges.

Purchase a set of fabric samples for only $5.00 (shipping included)


Your receipt will show Picture Yourself Inc, our parent corporations name

Images of fabric sample sets branded and unbranded, for custom photo pillows from

Upholstery Fabric

Tightly woven ring spun yarns give this fabric the rich look and feel of fine cotton upholstery. Low gloss matte finish. 100% polyester


Close-up image of photo throw pillow upholstery fabric sample. Penny included for scale.

Micro-Suede Fabric

A staff favorite. Medium weight suede finish 100% Polyester brushed tricot construction, our microsuede fabric is dimensionally stable, wrinkle free, fire and stain resistant. Low gloss matte finish, That just feels great.

Close-up image of photo throw pillow microsuede fabric sample. Penny included for scale.

Sateen Fabric

This super-soft, luxurious fabric is woven with yarns made from inherently fire retardant 100% polyester fiber.  Light satin sheen with a soft hand and supple drape. Meets the NFPA 701 flammability standard. A light sheen finish for an elegant look and feel.

Close-up image of photo pillow Sateen fabric sample. Penny included for scale

Satin Fabric

We call it wedding satin. Medium weight 100% polyester.  A delicate fabric with a bright white point and high gloss finish. The perfect boudoir or wedding pillow.

Close-up image of photo pillow satin fabric sample. Penny included for scale

Pillow Insert (Filler) Choices


Choosing a pillow insert (also know as a pillow filler or pillow form) is a matter of personal taste. My Pillow Printer offers 3 high quality pillow insert options, plus the ability to purchase your photo pillow without an insert. All our pillow insert options were selected with comfort and durability in mind. Select one that suits your style or choose none and provide your own. We recommend and use Pillow Inserts that are 2 inches larger than the pillow size that you select. So a 20 inch pillow uses a 22 inch insert in order to be well filled. The no insert option is particularly attractive when shipping internationally since shipping volume determines shipping costs.


Polyester fiber, very soft, but has NO BOUNCE. It is a heavy pillow which will stay limp, making it easy to karate chop and keep it's shape.  Fibers are wrapped in an overlocked non-woven fabric cover.

A favorite choice of our founder and many clients. Very comfy when smooshed into the corner of your sofa.


Photo of ply-a-Fiber pillow insert choice for photo pillows by


Very resilient and long lasting polyester made into tiny "soft balls" size of beans or clusters of fiber. It can rearrange itself inside the pillow making it similar to down and feather. It is very durable and is used primarily in bed pillows where durability and comfort are a must. It is soft and bouncy and it is one of the most durable fibers on the market today. Feel: soft, bouncy. Holds a soft karate chop. Fibers are wrapped in an overlocked non-woven fabric cover.


Image of cluster poly pillow insert choice for design your own photo pillows by

10% DOWN /


Luxury down and feather look and feel. Well filled and covered with a natural cotton down-proof fabric. Easy to karate chop. The gold standard of pillow inserts and priced attractively too.



Remember to add 2 inches to your pillow size on inserts when comparing prices.

Photo of 10% down 90% feather pillow filler choice for create your own photo pillows by

Pillow Cording

Cording (also known as welting or piping) provides a terrific way to upgrade the look of your Art or Photo Pillow. Until now, designers had to pick from standard cording colors or create cording using off the shelf printed fabrics. is changing the way custom pillows are made by custom printing pillow cording to order using our exclusive pillow cording printing process. Only available at!


Clients can pick any color in their image or use our RGB color specifier and will print your cording in your choice of 4 fabrics. The cording will always be a perfect match because we made it just for you. The cording fabric is custom printed and finished with over-lock edges in order to prevent fabric fraying and provide lasting durability. We then sew the cording fabric around a premium polyester welt cord so that your corded pillow maintains its great look for years to come.


Best of all there is no minimum order for custom cording. So order an art or photo pillow and see how great our custom cording options makes it look. You will only find custom printed Photo Pillow cording at

Image of Pillow cording for custom photo pillows in your choice of color and fabrics.


My Pillow Printer uses only the highest quality YKK heavy duty invisible zippers. Invisible zippers do not have any "teeth" visible on the outside surface. We go a step beyond and conceal the invisible zipper beneath a fabric flap. Kind of like wearing a belt and suspenders! We want you looking at our art and photo pillows and not be distracted by an ugly zipper! An exclusive feature and another reason to choose Art and photo pillows.

Close up photo of a concealed invisible zipper on a photo pillow by
image of two invisible zippers before they are sewn into photo pillows by

Pillow Hang Tag

All pillows are shipped with a hang tag that outlines our art and photo pillow features, care instructions, and warranty information. Our throw pillow hang tag has a wood bead "keeper" that simply tucks inside the pillow when you close the zipper. No fabric is punctured when attaching the hang tag.


Our unique photo throw pillow hang tag design allows space for your design name, signature, or private branding. Tags are also designed so that the  branding can be removed by cutting off the bottom of the tag at the premarked lines. Your photo and art pillows will truly be your own.

image of front of  included hang tag for photo throw pillows
image of back of  included hang tag for photo throw pillows.  Example of private photo pillow branding shown in red.
Photo of inside of photo pillow hang tag showing construction details


Our art and photo pillows are wrapped in eucalyptus tissue that is recycled from our manufacturing process and then individually packaged in corrugated boxes.

Image of custom photo pillow in box with art image custom printed on it. wrapped in recycled eucalyptus tissue