Design a Luxury Throw Pillow Using Your Art or Photos

Image Guidelines


CONSUMER CAMERA OWNERS: My Pillow Printer uses the industry standard file and color format (jpeg with sRGB color profile). If you are using a standard consumer grade camera you only need to be concerned with the quality of the original photo as far as sharpness and contrast. Read about the recommended file size in Megapixels or Pixels Per Inch below.


BEFORE YOU UPLOAD A PHOTO: The most important factors in choosing an image for your pillow is the sharpness and contrast of the photo. No amount of pixels can compensate for a blurry image or dark muddy image. A tack sharp image with less pixels is usually preferable to a higher resolution soft image.


We can produce great pillow designs from cameras with 8 Mega Pixels (MP) or more. We can print acceptable pillow designs with 5-8MP.


If you are unsure of how many pixels your camera images have there is no need to worry as our pillow design template will let you know! Our pillow design tool automatically displays how many PPI  (Pixels Per Inch) your image has when printing on a pillow. You can find this information just below the UPLOAD PHOTO button.


If your image has from 90-200PPI your image is suitable for reproduction. The middle of the range (140-160PPI) being preferable. Because our gas dye process is continuous tone, good quality images can be achieved with as little as 80-100PPI. There is little, if any, benefit in submitting images with over 160PPI. If you are planning on zooming in to a portion of your photo for your pillow design it is advisable that you have an image with at least 150 PPI


PRO CAMERA OWNERS NOTE: Users with prosumer or DSLR cameras should set their color space to sRGB. This is also standard on many pro cameras, but it is good to verify your cameras colorspace as colors will not print correctly if your camera has been set to another color space like adobeRGB. Photos taken or images already in other color spaces should be converted to sRGB in Photoshop or other photo editing program. It is extremely important that you convert to the sRGB profile and NOT assign the sRGB profile as this would also create color accuracy problems. There is a pixel limit of 6500 for uploaded images. If you are using high megapixel images for pillow designs you will need to resample your images so that the largest dimension is under 6500 pixels.


Image Content


We reserve the right to refuse to print any image. As a general rule we will print images that could be displayed on broadcast television (not subject to copyright protection) including artistic nudity.



Copyrighted Images provides an Internet based service where users can freely upload images for printing purposes. By uploading images to our site you agree that you have reproduction rights to the uploaded content. Furthermore, you  indemnify and its parent corporation Picture Yourself Inc.  against any damages arising from copyright, trademark or any other misuse of an uploaded image.


We work with many artists and  photographers in the course of our business, therefore are strong proponents of the protection that copyright law provides. Photographs and paintings are automatically protected by US copyright law, even if no © copyright symbol or notice is provided. When you purchase a photograph or a painting the copyright is retained by the photographer or the artist. Protection is also provided for trademarks of professional sports teams, logos for businesses and products etc.


Written permission is required for printing of any image that you do not have reproduction rights to. Fines for violation of copyright and or tradmark can exceed $10,000 per instance. and its parent corporation Picture Yourself Inc. will not protect the identity or information regarding purchases of pillows using intellectual property that is shown to be in violation of trademark, copyright or any other intellectual property law and will cooperate in the enforcement of the owners intellectual property rights.