Design a Luxury Throw Pillow Using Your Art or Photos

Frequently Asked Questions



How long does it take to get a pillow? We usually can produce a pillow in under 7 days. Shipping can take another 2 to 5 days so it is best to allow at least a couple weeks to receive your pillow. Allow additional time around the holidays.


 I want to sell pillows. How much should I charge? That's a tough question. A lot of the value in a custom pillow is in the image itself. If you are an artist and your images are in demand you can charge a premium price. When consumers see how great our pillows look, how comfortable they feel and how well they are constructed they will appreciate the value they provide. Normal mark-ups for clients reselling pillows run 60-175%. Be sure to check out our Pro Accounts for lower costs and other great selling tools.


What size should my photo be?  As a general rule we find that photos from digital camera with at least 10 megapixels look great. We recommend about 150ppi at the size of the pillow you are buying if you are not sure what size pillow you want then I would suggest 150ppi at 22 x 22 inches. Of course, most digital camera images are not square so allow for extra length in one direction and crop will be automatic when you select your final pillow design.


Can I use my pillow outside? We recommend using our upholstery fabric and the cluster poly fabric for protected outdoor uses like under a patio cover. The cluster poly is in a non-woven pillow case and is mold and mildew resistant.


Can I add text to my image? Sure, we recommend using a photo editing program to do it. Most Mac and PC photo editing programs offer lots of text formatting options. On the iPad, make sure that the app you use can handle the size of images you are planning on editing without downsizing them. For more info visit our Tips & Tricks page.

My email design does not seem to work?  Many web email services see the two 3D pillow view jpeg images as potential spam or junk mail. So please check your junk mail folder. If you are not getting the 3D email design it is likely being diverted to your junk mail box. If you are using G-Mail you will need to allow pop-ups in your browser to see the 3D pillow images. G-Mail is a good alternative if your email provider is blocking the 3D pillow designs.


Please explain your shipping cost? We ship to US destinations using FedEx. We get discounts from Fedex and pass them on to our customers. We do not charge any additional fees for handling or packaging on domestic shipments.


Our pillows are filled well and therefore take up substantial volume when packaged. FedEx and most shipping companies determine shipping rates based on weight and package volume. Our typical pillow box is 20 x 20 x 6 inches and weighs 4-5 pounds FedEx rounds weights up so we calculate shipping based on a 5 pound package.